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Quality Control System

In all of its facilities, Flurida maintains strict quality control that significantly reduces the production defect rate rate, including:
  • Clearly defined process procedures,
  • Rigorous disciplines of each operation,
  • Thorough product examination before delivery; and
  • A complete RoHS control system and control procedure from part purchase to shipping products to ensure customers' needs are met.
Environmental Protection System

Flurida fully understands the importance and necessity of environmental protection. Within all our factories, we promote environmental protection policies, and more importantly, put them into practice, including:
  • All waste emissions must meet the national standards so that production will not have an adverse impact on the surrounding environment,
  • Our production environment must meet all health and safety standards providing the safest working conditions for our valued employees,
  • Use of environmentally-friendly raw material to meet all the health safety standards; and
Products Certification

All major products of Flurida have received UL, VDE and/or CCC certificates. If you want to know more about the certification information of a specific product, please contact one of our professionals.

ISO Certification

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