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The Flurida Group provides a variety of employment opportunities for both the new graduate and the experienced professional. For the talented individuals, positions are available in the fields of engineering, sales, purchasing, trade, administration and management.

Flurida is experiencing rapid growth that is due to the excellent contribution of it employees. Our teamwork practices have further enhanced our growth. We encourage all our employees to continue self-improvement of their talents and skills, and accordingly we provide employee training. We urge our employees to perform at their highest level in their positions, and accordingly promotions are based upon employee contribution, ability and virtue.

What we expect from employees
  • Honesty: Flurida acts on the principle of integrity and expects the same of our employees.
  • Modesty: Modesty is a key virtue for personal and company growth. We believe that we can always improve, and strive to do so.
  • Commitgment: Flurida is committed to delivering quality products and services, and accordingly we expect this commitment from our employees.
  • Detail-oriented: There is nothing too small in customer service, production or product development. For whatever tasks, we require our employees to be responsible for every detail
If you agree with our company philosophy and are qualified for our current open positions, please send your CV both in Chinese and English to [email protected] (please specify the target position). We will contact you when there is a match. Thank you for your interest in Flurida.
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